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Art Gallery Show

Having a dead monitor throws a wrench into things! I finally found out what was wrong
yesterday when I took the computer into the repair shop. Now I have a shiny new monitor that makes everything look stretched out sideways, don't know if I like that very much. Oh well, I just hope it's the last of the nasty financial "surprises" that have been trying to suck the life out of me. Onward and upward! I refuse to be
a victim of these gremlins.

In 2001, my friend, Donna and I had a display in a local art gallery, the quilts were there for a month. It was a lot of fun, I'd like to be able to do that again someday.


I made this little Christmas quilt for my friend, Donna for a gift one year.
I didn't have enough green buttons for eyes for all the cats. Too bad because the green buttons look better than the black ones. I've been kicking myself ever since!

I don't remember if it ever had a name

This quilt is finished now, but at the time this pic was taken, it was being hand quilted. That's me on the left and Elsie Joy Lytle on the right. We were out camping, i take my quilting everywhere, lol!
Some of the block in the quilt were made by Susan Getchell, we were in a block exchange one time.


This is a terrible picture because it was printed from the computer on regular paper.
I don't have any other pictures of it. The real colours in the quilt were quite bright and bold.
I made this little wall quilt for a friend who was moving from South Africa to Fort MacMurray or is it McMurray? My mind went blank. Anyway, it was going to be such a huge change for her, living in a cooler climate, I thought I'd make some snowmen for her to welcome her to Canada.


I needed something else to add to a birthday gift I was going to give to a friend yesterday. I dug around in my orphaned blocks and found this cupcake block. I sewed a border around it and made it into a potholder.
Sometimes I start a quilt and get tired of making blocks, or I want to try out a certain pattern, but don't wan't to continue making an entire project out of it. I just chuck these things into my block box and eventually they get turned into something else, like a table runner, potholder or incorporated into a quilt.
Nothing goes to waste.


My sister, Linda Huntrods also entered the fabric store challenge with the theme "What Inspires".
Her inspiration was a 1939 painting by Henri Matisse, titled "Music". I included a picture of Linda's quilt and a picture of the painting.
Linda's quilt was published in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine in the January/February issue, 2004. A woman saw the quilt in the magazine and liked it so much that she made a version of it called "The Cellist". She sent a letter to Linda, thanking her for the inspiration and her quilt was published in QNM. Quite the chain of events!

Femme A La Fesille

I entered a quilt challenge at a local fabric store. The theme was "What Inspires".
Two leaf print fabrics had to be purchased and used in the quilt. What inpires me is the work of Picasso, so I made a version in fabric of his painting "Femme A La Fesille". I didn't copy it exactly, but used the painting for a guideline. I've included a picture of the painting and my quilt for comparison.
When I had my fabric store, I had this quilt on the wall. A customer came in and said "That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen!" LOL! Either you love abstract art or you hate it, each person is entitled to their own opinion :)


I'm running out of time this morning, so I'll post the rest after work.
This is a picture of a Pablo Picasso painting. I was by inspired by Picasso's work to make a small wall quilt.....

Baby Quilt

I've made quite a few baby quilts in this 4-patch pattern. This one has more blue than turquoise fabrics than the other ones. I like 4-patches because they are "no brainers". I can sew them together in a hurry without too much planning on where the colours go. Because there is a plain square between each one, there isn't much for seam matching.

Comfort Quilt

This is another comfort quilt I put together from blocks donated by the QFT group.
One time the group sent a quilt to me after I had surgery. I love that quilt! I keep it on my couch and cover up with it every time I have a nap or watch TV. When I get a chance, I'll take a picture and post it.

Anniversary Quilt

This is a hand pieced batik quilt I made for my sister, Linda and her husband, Richard's 25th anniversary. I know now how to piece curves on the sewing machine, but at the time I made this quilt, I wasn't sure of the machine method.


One winter i was terribly broke, so I made some baby quilts to sell, this is one of them. It's made from 1930's reproduction fabrics. I have a significant stash of those fabrics, I could made tons of quilts from what's in that box. Quite a few years ago, my sister and I went on a crazy buying binge when these fabrics were having a brief moment of popularity. That's not including the bolts of 30's fabrics that I have left from my failed store.
Good thing I like that style of fabric because I'll be using it for the next 40 years.
I really like the old, traditional quilt patterns. I had a hard time selling this "Spools" quilt because it's one of my favorite patterns.

Table Runner

I'm getting behind on my posts, that'll never do :) I had a vehicle crisis this week, it took a few days to iron it out. Hopefully, things will go smoothly now!

This is a table runner I made and sold. Looks like I'll have to get busy and make some more items to sell so I can pay for my car repair- waaah!

Christmas Pinwheels

I made this Christmas Pinwheel quilt for my sister. It's all blue and cream Christmas fabrics. You can see her feet under the quilt :)

Crazy Quilt

This is a crazy quilt that I made quite awhile ago. It's a very messy thing, making a quilt like this. Strips and scraps dumped out everywhere. Even though it looks random, I think about each colour, shape and print of the piece before I sew it on.
Then, of course, I have to dump out boxes and bags of scraps, looking for just the right piece. Right in the middle of this chaos, somebody usually comes over and sees the explosion of fabric and questions my sanity. Or else I'll have to clear everything off if there are guests coming for dinner. That's the downfall of sewing at the kitchen table. When I win the lottery, I'll have a nice big sewing studio!

Comfort Quilt

I was going to post this earlier today but my computer was in a crabby mood and kept freezing up.
This is another comfort quilt that I made with donated blocks from the QFT group.
That's my daughter, Lindsay holding up the quilt.

Comfort Quilt Top

This was another comfort quilt that I put together, using donated blocks from the QFT group. It wasn't quilted yet when the picture was taken.

Another Lap Quilt

This lap quilt was made for my sister's mother in law, it also has polar fleece on the back. This one turned out better than the one that I made for my Mom because the polar fleece is better quality. I didn't realize at the time that some polar fleeces are nicer than others. You get what you pay for.
I would never use polar fleece on a big quilt because it would make it too heavy and would be too hard to work with, but a lap quilt is a good size.

Lap Quilt

I made this lap quilt for my Mom with polar fleece on the back because she's always freezing to death. It must be awful to always be so cold. When I go to visit, her place is like a dry sauna, I just about melt into the floor.

Table Runner

Whenever I need to make a quick table runner for a gift, I use the Countdown to Christmas instructions that were on the internet several years ago. I don't know if that site is still there,
I've made dozens of table runners over the years. Lots of times I make up my own version by using blocks set end to end. One time somebody asked where I got the pattern for one I made. It was only leaf blocks sewn together with a border around it. You don't need a pattern for that.

Baby Quilt

I made this baby quilt for a person from work. One time one of the staff members was introducing me to a new employee. She said, "This is Lorna, she makes baby quilts for everyone around here". I said "No, I just make baby quilts for people I like". hehehehe!
I don't think I would put all that time and fabric into a gift for somebody that I didn't like! Fabric and quilt batting is expensive and I don't have money to throw around. Time is also valuable because I don't have very much of it.

Comfort Quilt

This is one of the comfort quilts I made in the QFT internet quilting group. Several people sent blocks, then I put them together and quilted it. The quilt was sent to someone in the group that was going through a hard time or was sick, etc.
I haven't posted for a few years on that list. The ladies are all wonderful, but I just don't have time to read and reply to the mail that adds up every day. Trying to eke out a living takes up all my time. I pretty well only have time for this blog and a bit of Facebook. When I eventually get to retire and have lots of computer time, I'll get back into the QFT group again.

Applique Pillow

Happy Easter!
This is the pillow that I made to go with the wall hanging and bed quilt for my Mom. I always make pillows with an envelope closure in the back. That way the cover can be taken off and washed.

Edna's wall hanging

I made this wall hanging for Mom to go with a quilt that I made for her. (That is Edna in the picture.) One of the blocks is from the "Country Bride" quilt pattern book. I got tired of appliqueing that pattern after the first block, I was originally going to make a bed quilt. I made some different blocks to go with it and it became a wall quilt. It's quilted by hand, you can see all the stitching on the second picture.
Now my Mom doesn't have any room on her wall for it because she lives in a senior's facility, so the quilt is folded up in my closet. I don't really care for pink but I put a lot of work into it and won't get rid of it. But if somebody paid $1000, I might consider selling it, hehe!

Chicken Doll

This is a chicken doll that I made, I don't remember where the pattern came from. She has a crystal earring in her comb (my own idea, not in the pattern)
and is wearing a chicken print dress.
I gave her away to somebody, later I found out their dog had torn her apart. I should have kept her for myself, boo hoooooo!!!!!
The person holding the doll and trying to remain out of the background is my very good friend, Elsie.

Chick Around the World

This quilt is made with all chicken themed fabrics. I can't say much today, I'm off to work at my second job.