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Comfort Quilt

This was a 7 year UFO I completed at the end of December, 2012. It doesn't count as one of the 13 that I'm going to finish in 2013. I donated it to the quilting guild to be given away as a comfort quilt. Originally, I thought I'd give this one to a Hurricane Katrina victim- oops, I was several years late on that. Oh well, it's finished and given away now, as long as somebody is going to benefit from it.

New Year's Resolution for 2013- To Finish 13 UFO'S in 2013

I haven't posted anything on here for a few years because of a too expensive internet connection. I have to go to a friend's place to post pictures. I live out in the sticks, there is no regular high speed service available. I could sign up for broadband, but then I'd have to pay for two things because I'm locked into a long term contract with the mobile internet key. Enough of that, now I'm over at my friend's place, I'll post a few pics. My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to finish 13 UFO's this year. I have a terrible habit of starting something, then flinging it aside to go onto other things. So far I've finished one thing, it's a kit I won about 15 years ago. I'm not crazy about Jinny Beyer quilts, they are too controlled for my liking. I made the quilt smaller than the pattern stated and added a few of my own fabrics. There is lots of quilting on it which doesn't show up in the picture.