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UFO #4 and #5 completed for 2013 I did a demo at the quilting guild on machine applied binding, so I made 2 potholders to demonstrate the techniques. One person said I couldn't claim these as completed UFO's because they were only potholders, lol! I said it's my challenge, I make up my own rules :) These blocks were in my block box for more than 10 years, so they qualify as being well aged objects! The first one was bound with a faux piped binding, the other one was a regular machine binding. I don't really like the fabrics I used for the second one, they are too dark, there isn't much contrast. Oh well, live and learn.

UFO #3 Completed for 2013

This quilt is almost the same as the one a few posts ago, but the quilting is different. The first one had curvy quilting going diagonally across each square, this one has wavy lines going vertically and and crosswise. I like using muslin for the back because it's so soft after it's quilted. The quilt was given to a friend.

UFO #2 Completed for 2013

I quilted and bound this quilt top made by Donna Madden. I've had the top at my place for the past ten years, so it was a well aged UFO! I tried a new machine quilting design (new to me, anyway). I want to keep learning new designs so I can have a variety to pick from. The thread I used was a variegated aqua coloured Signature thread that my sister sent for Christmas. I didn't know what to use for binding, then finally came across a black, multicolour dot print that was in my stash. After an entire decade, Donna was able to have her quilt back!