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The Dress

Linda H made this dress and jacket for me over six years ago. It started out as an outfit for herself, but it sat unfinished in a box for quite some time. When she unearthed it from the UFO vault, she realized that it was now out of style with broad shoulder pads, a fashion of the Nineties. Linda decided to remake it for me and changed the style of it. I have worn this dress to a funeral tea for Mom, a memorial luncheon for Mom the next year, and two different graduation ceremonies. I hardly ever buy clothes because I mostly wear uniforms at work, then pyjamas once I get home, I don't get out much. :) The Dress came to the rescue today because I need something to wear to a long service award banquet, good thing it still fits on my sagging body! I'm getting a pin for being employed at the same place for 35 years. It's actually 36 years that I've been there, but I didn't go to the awards celebration last year.

Quilt Top #16 "Scrappy Trips"

I got the rest of the quilt top sewn together today. It was difficult fitting the whole thing in the first photo because I couldn't stand back far enough. The second picture taken from an angle shows it all. Maybe I'll get it layered and pin basted so I can start quilting it during our October quilting retreat.

Half of "Scrappy Trips"

I finally got all the blocks done for "Scrappy Trips". I sewed half of them together, tomorrow I'll do the rest, then it'll be a quilt top. I can make quilt tops to beat the band, but finishing them is another story if you haven't guessed that already. :)

Swimsuit Coverup by Linda H.

Linda H made this swimsuit coverup for her friend, Vicky last week. Vicky had mentioned she was going on a trip and wasn't able to find a coverup to take along. It was a good opportunity for Linda use a piece of fabric from her fabric vault. :)

Throwback Thursday; Quilt Top #15

I made this "Stack and Slash" quilt top a few years ago. Shirley McAllister from our guild showed us the method during one of our quilting retreats. This is an intersting pattern because it turns out differently every time you make it, depending how you place the cuts. When I eventually quilt it, I think I'll do all all-over design with thread that blends into the colours.