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Quilt That I made For The Cabin

I posted a picture of the completed quilt on March 3rd, "Sister's Choice, Two Years In The Making". This is what it looks like on the bed in the cabin. I was wishing I would have made the quilt slightly bigger because it doesn't come down very far on the sides of the bed. A bigger quilt would cover up the extra boxes of floor tiles that are stored underneath.Oh well, it'll have to do.

A Sock

I made my very first sock when I was at the cabin. I'll have to wait to make the second one because I had a carpal tunnel flare-up. For some reason, knitting bothers my left hand and wrist but crocheting seems to be ok. When I start knitting again, I'll just do a bit at a time, then it won't make my hand go numb.

Back From Vacation

I just got back from a month-long vacation at my summer cabin in the Yukon. There's no electricity there, so I did a lot of crocheting, knitting and a bit of applique. I started this crocheted afghan last summer and completed it a few weeks ago. It's made from 3 strands of sport weight yarn and weighs a ton. Good for snuggling under if it's a chilly evening.