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Fantastic Potholders by Linda H.

Linda H recently made these awesome potholders for a friend. The block design came from Quiltmaker's "Quilting for Everyday Celebrations", special issue of 2005. The wall quilt was called "Yappity Yap", designed by Helen Giddens. The quilt was originally featured in the July/August 2003 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.

Throwback Thursday: My Grandmother's Blouse

Many years ago we were cleaning out Mom's house because she was moving. I emptied out an old trunk and found this Edwardian style blouse which was discoloured with age. Mom said "Throw that old thing away!" I refused to get rid of it because I could see that it was something that belonged to Mom's mother. When I took it home, my daughter, Lindsay gently washed the garment in the sink with mild detergent. At first the wash water was dark brown, after many changes of water the blouse was finally clean. It was fragile and torn in a few places, I patched up a few areas with safety pins so it could go on a hanger. I like to bring the treasure out once in awhile to admire it. I can't believe how small the waist is on this blouse!

Crestwood Road, by Linda H.

Linda H made "Crestwood Road" in early 2016. We lived on that street in Calgary, Alberta when we were young. This quilt is for Linda's friend, Marion, who lived nearby back in those days. Having a lifetime friend is special, indeed.

Throwback Thursday; Vintage Embroidery

I bought this framed vintage embroidery picture last year for the cabin. As soon as I spotted it in a second-hand store, I immediately purchased it. I remember Aunt Alma made a similar one, I always enjoyed looking at her handiwork when we went to her house.

Late Night Sewing With Assistant Igor

Whenever I get a few minutes to sew, which isn't very often these days, I've been piecing two different kinds of blocks. An ongoing project is "Scrappy Trips", a Bonnie Hunter pattern and the other block is made with half square triangles. Igor the assistant was trying his best to help.

Autumn Tumbling Squares, by Linda H.

Linda H sent some pictures of her "Autumn Tumbling Squares" that she completed in 2015. Another lovely quilt made by my favourite sister. :) She got the pattern from Quilting Quickly magazine, May-June 2015. The pattern was called "Tossed Squares" by Debra Finan.