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I did lots of crocheting and knitting when I was on vacation. I made several dishcloths so I could try out different patterns. The pictures aren't very clear because of the shadows when they were on the clothesline. I kept a few of them at the cabin, the rest will go to my daughter. There seems to be two camps of people- those who hate handmade dishcloths and those who love them, Ha! Ha! I find that if they are soaked in a solution of Oxyclean, they freshen up nicely after they are used.

Back From Vacation

I just got back from my summer cabin, I go there for a month every year. I did lots of knitting, crocheting and a little appliqué. I forgot to bring along perle cotton, so I couldn't do the embroidery on the blocks. I saw an idea in a library book about a crocheted afghan and thought it looked interesting. It uses 3 strands of worsted weight yarn at the same time and a giant crochet hook. The whole thing is worked in single crochet, so it's very thick. I went to Walmart and bought the yarn, it was difficult to find enough of 3 colours of the same kinds, the afghan requires a tremendous amount. After this picture was taken, I worked on it some more, now it's about 2 feet long. I'm going to finish it by next year and it can live in my cabin.