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Vacation Time 2017

I'm getting ready to go to my summer cabin in the Yukon. Here are some of the things I'm planning to do: reading, appliqueing the never ending flower quilt blocks, crocheting a dishcloth or two, and finishing an incredibly ugly Corner to Corner afghan. I was using leftover yarn, it didn't turn out like I thought it would. It might end up being a car blanket. I made a sock last summer, I'll make the other one this year.

Dragonfly Coasters By Linda H

Linda H made these dragonfly coasters as a gift for her daughter in law. The fabric is fantastic!

Linda H Finished Her "Dappled" Quilt

Linda H, Audrey and I were all making "Dappled" quilts. Linda has finished hers and has given it away as a donation quilt. Audrey and I are still working on ours. I'll post pictures when they are done.

Igor In The Scrap Bin

Linda H, Audrey and I are having a mini sewing retreat at my house. Igor is right in the middle of things, weighing down the fabric in the scrap bin.

Microwave Hot Bowl Holders

Linda H and Audrey are here visiting for a few days, we are having a great time eating, sewing and digging through fabric bins. Audrey showed us how to make these reversible microwave hot bowl holders. They can stay on the bowl while heating, then no fingers will get burned when the hot food is taken out.