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Throwback Thursday; Chocolate Boxes by Linda H.

Linda H made "Chocolate Boxes", a Log Cabin variation in 2012, then the next year gave it to our friend Brenda, There were no pictures taken of it at the time, Brenda sent these along the other day. :)


I made these potholders as part of a friend's Christmas gift. M&Ms fabric is on the back of them. The rest of the gift includes homemade gingersnaps, a Zen Cats calendar and a small Buddha statue. :) I'm going to drop it off on her doorstep tomorrow morning on my way to work.

Throwback Thursday; Christmas Table Runner

I made this Christmas table runner for my sister, Linda H in 2002. I hardly remember making it, although the fabrics look familiar. Linda's husband, Richard sent these pictures to me the other day. I don't know if I used a pattern or if I just set blocks together in a row. There are many projects that I never photographed over the years, I try to always take photos now to keep a record of what I've done.

Laptop Carrying Case

I just finished making this laptop carrying case for a Christmas gift. It's made from remnants of upholstery fabric and imitation leather, with webbing for handles. There wasn't anything around here to use for a soft lining, so I bought a towel and cut it to fit. I hope the recipient will like it. :)

Christmas Table Runner by Linda H.

Linda H made this Christmas table runner to sell at a craft sale recently. It didn't sell, so she gave it to a friend. Linda and I are always trying to use up our Christmas fabric stashes but they never seem to get depleted. :) Emma the cat had to give the table runner a final inspection.

Christmas Gift Bag

Every year I try to make five or six Christmas gift bags. Years ago I used to have a fabric store and was left with many bolts of Christmas fabric when the shop closed. Instead of selling it for pennies at a garage sale, I've been trying to use it up. I started out by making bags that had the seams finished with the serger. After a few years, I decided that lined bags would use up twice the amount of fabric. I still have two huge plastic bins of Christmas fabric, but the amount is reduced slightly each year. :)