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Comfort Quilt in Progress

This is a comfort quilt I'm working on, it still needs a border. We need some quilts for boys and men in our guild's comfort quilt stockpile, we have quite a few for ladies and girls. I tried to think of something that wouldn't take too long to make, so I came up with this idea. I dug through my stash of novelty fabrics and used a different one for each block. After this one is finished, I'll find some fabric for a man's quilt.

A Fair Trade

Linda H made this quilt top a few months ago. One of the ladies in her quilting group loved it and kept commenting about it. Linda had an idea for a trade- the quilt top for hand binding on two queen size quilts. The woman agreed and is now the happy owner of the top. Linda had the queen size quilts at the binding stage for ages, but her hands get sore doing the stitching, so she kept putting it off. Coming soon- pictures of Linda's completed quilts. :)

Four Year Old UFO Completed

I just finished this four-year-old Little Twister table mat. The top was lost in a pile of sewing stuff. I searched for days before finally locating it, then I layered and pin basted the thing. It disappeared in my sewing room for awhile. After digging through a stack of fabric, I found it, then got the quilting and binding completed. Being organized is not one of my strong points, I could get a lot more done if items were stored properly.

Throwback Thursday; A Treasure Found In The Archives

My daughter, Lindsay was sorting and purging boxes of her old stuff. She came across this artwork that I made when I was a kid in school. It was made from solid plaster with the shape carved out, then painted. Imagine that- a cat with round eyes and square teeth. :) It now has a home in my china cabinet.

Throwback Thursday; Batik Quilt

I made this batik quilt for my daughter, Lindsay and her partner, Nelson in 2009. She said the fabric in some of the blocks deteriorated. I asked her to bring the quilt and we could take a look at it to see what could be done to fix it. It looked like a certain dark purple fabric was rotten and was full of big holes. We cut that fabric away from the quilt in six areas. I made some new squares and fused them on with Heat N Bond. I free motion stitched around the edges and quilted a flower in the middle so the patches would stay on. I had a piece of black fabric one time that was rotten and it had to be removed from an assembled quilt top. Certain dyes can be caustic and they make the fabric break down over time. Too bad it's found out after a quilt is completed. :( With the repair, this quilt can be put back into use.

Airing Out A Quilt

My daughter, Lindsay and her partner, Nelson are visiting, they want to take back one of her old quilts that I had in storage. I hung it outside for several hours to air it out. I made this one in 2002 as a challenge for myself to make a quilt entirely in greens and purples.