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Penhold Braid (UFO #8 Completed)

Now that this quilt is given away, I can post some pics of it to the blog. The name of the quilt is "Penhold Braid". I made it for my friend, Anna-Marie for her birthday. It says on the label, "Celebrating friendship since 1966". The regular name for this quilt pattern would usually be "Friendship Braid", "Prairie Braid" or "Pioneer Braid". Way back when we first knew each other in Penhold, Alberta, Anna-Marie had her hair done in tight braids right next to her scalp. I always thought that must have been painful to sit there and have that done to your head every morning :D My hair was always a total mess, my mom never did anything with it, hehe! This is the first project I've quilted with my new Baby Lock Tiara machine. I tried several different feather designs, trying to learn some new things. The first two rows of feathers were a disaster, I had to pick them out. I discovered that I was unable to go up the fe…