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Quilt Backing

With the price of fabric skyrocketing these days, I don't go shopping every time I need backing for a quilt. Last night I went through my stash and assembled various pieces to make one. When I get the Tumbler quilt top finished, this will be the backing. It still needs to be pressed, but I'll wait until I'm ready to lay out and pin baste the quilt. I still like to buy wide quilt backing once in awhile, but I save that for large quilts.

DAY #3 of October 2016 Quilting Retreat

I didn't get a lot done today because I was yakking too much. Also, I had to rip out a few tumbler squares because I had them sewn the wrong way.

Day #2 of October 2016 Quilting Retreat

I quilted for hours on end today, it didn't seem like I was getting anywhere. At the end of the day, I think I accomplished quite a bit. My shoulders and arms get tired from shifting the quilt around so I'll work on something different tomorrow, I don't want to end up with tendonitis.

Day #1 of October 2016 Quilting Retreat

Today I started quilting "Scrappy Trips". I'm making an all-over paisley type design, I hope it'll look ok. When I have my face six inches away from it while I'm quilting, I can see every glitch.

Start of a Tumbler Quilt

Tonight at the guild we were working on comfort quilts. I started a Tumbler quilt, using 4 1/2" squares that I had on hand. To cut the tumbler shape, I used a nine-degree wedge ruler. I'll keep adding rows until the quilt is long enough.

Pin Basting

I moved furniture out of the way, now I've got "Scrappy Trips", batting and backing stretched out on the living room floor. Now I'll crawl around and add about 300 safety pins while trying to keep the cat from getting too close.