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Throwback Thursday; Loud Mouth Tattletale

One day in 2001, I was annoyed with somebody at work. When I went home, I took out my frustration by making this wall quilt. I took great pleasure in designing, appliquéing and embroidering the monster. The border was made from tiny nine patch blocks that I received in an online block swap. I posted a picture of this before, but the top part was cut off in the photo, so here is a better view of it.

Throwback Thursday; Cobblestonia

I posted a picture of this quilt a long time ago, but the photo was a little blurry. Now that I have a better camera, I can take non-blurry pictures. I named the quilt "Cobblestonia" because it's made from cobblestone blocks. The fabrics are all batiks and hand dyes, it was completed in 2010. After all this time, it still doesn't have a label on it, maybe I should just write the name and date on the back with a Pigma pen, the backing is a light enough colour for writing to show up.

Ugly (on purpose) Table Mat

Now that this is given away, I can post some pictures of the intentionally ugly table mat that I made for my daughter. Novelty fabrics are fun to work with, I've been collecting them for years. Might not be everyone's taste for kitchen decor, but I've never considered myself normal. :)

What Linda H is Working on Right Now

Linda H sent a few pictures of some quilt blocks she's working on right now. This looks like an interesting pattern, good for using up lots of scraps.

Throwback Thursday: Aunt Alma's Quilt

In 1979 my Aunt Alma made this Log Cabin quilt for me. It's made in the "quilt as you go" method and the edge is finished by the pillowcase method (no binding). The fabrics are polycottons with polyester batting. Aunt Alma didn't have the tools and fancy gadgets that we have today, but that didn't stop her from making quilts for all of us. The tiny town where she lived didn't have a fabric store and she didn't drive, there wasn't an opportunity to go to the next town to buy fabric and supplies unless somebody gave her a ride. She usually worked on quilts every winter, then put the sewing machine away for the summer. I remember looking through her photo albums to see pictures of quilts that she made, that's what gave me the idea to document the quilts that I've done. She was the reason that I started quilting 29 years ago.

Throwback Thursday; Joy-Getch Sampler l

I don't know if this one was ever posted before, I made it in 2002. These are more of the ugly fabric blocks that Susan Getchell and I exchanged. It's hand quilted, with a bit of machine quilting, probably some of the last hand quilting I ever did. I do all quilting by machine now because I don't have very much time and there are too many projects to finish.