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Table Mat for Lindsay

This is a table mat I made for my daughter, Lindsay, it's made from vintage fabric I had in my stash. Every once in awhile, people have given me boxes or bags of fabric because they don't sew anymore. Hey, I'll use it, especially if it's from the 70's or earlier! I love those old style prints, probably because I'm getting old myself, I'm just reminiscing.

Now that I have good internet service, I can post pictures more often!

This is something that I've been working on lately. I've made several of these quilts that use alternating light and dark five inch squares. They make good comfort quilts for charity because they go together quickly. There is a never ending bin of cut squares because I keep adding more to it. I've been trying a different quilting design on each quilt for variety. This time I'm trying swirls similar to ones I saw on an Angela Walters' video. The quilting thread I'm using is King Tut in the colour "Mummy's Dearest. It's a pale pastel variegated 40 weight cotton thread. Thank you to Angela Walters for kindly sharing her quilting video, it's very much appreciated!

Some new pictures of "Tiny Town" by Linda H.

A picture of "Tiny Town" was shown in a blog post in 2010, but Linda Huntrods sent some better photos of the quilt.

"Christmas Checkers" by Linda H.

"Christmas Checkers" was made by my sister, Linda Huntrods. It was a PHD for many years but she recently quilted it and got it finished. It looks great, Linda! note: PHD= Project Half Done.

"Scraps Can Multiply", Quilt by Linda H.

My sister, Linda Huntrods made this small wallhanging called "Scraps Can Multiply". I love the colour combination!

A Fund Raiser Donation

There was a fund raiser at work for a family who has a baby with health problems, I made this Christmas table topper to donate to the cause. I used metallic thread for the quilting- what a nightmare! It kept breaking, even though I used thread conditioner and a special needle for metallic thread. Finally, I gave up and put the metallic thread in the bobbin, cotton thread on top and did the rest of the quilt upside-down. That seems to be the best way for me to use that type of thread. I have so much Christmas fabric in my stash, it needs to be used up. Every year I make gift bags with it, but that doesn't seem to put a dent in the pile. I'm not buying anymore of that type of fabric, so eventually it should dwindle down to a manageable amount.