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Christmas Tablecloth

I made this Christmas tablecloth in 1996 for some dear friends. Since then, they have both passed away and I ended up getting the tablecloth back. I don't think they ever used it because it still looked brand new. Now I put it on my table every year and wash it if it gets slopped on. If it wears out, I'll make another one, I've got so much Christmas fabric, it needs to get used up somehow. It has no batting and has flannel on the back. I used the pillowcase method for finishing the edges.

Nativity Scene by Linda H

Linda made this little paper pieced nativity scene. She has a lot more patience than I have, I'm allergic to paper piecing!

14 Completed Items for 2014

I have now completed 14 items for the year 2014. I made 5 of these gift bags, each one take quite a bit of work. Sure, they may not be large projects, but they are finished items. I've been so busy for the past several months, there hasn't been much time to sew. Hopefully, 2015 will be a more productive year! I'm not going to make a goal of finishing 15 items in 2015, I'll just try to finish as many things possible. :)

"Carol's Quilt" by Linda H.

Linda H. made this quilt for her friend, Carol. I really like the feature print in the blocks, Linda said she used every bit of it. Nice to use up a chunk of fabric from the stash- gives a good excuse to go shopping for more fabric!