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Scrap Quilt

I made this quilt for a retirement gift for somebody at work. It was a pot luck supper, that's why there's a table full of food. All that food and I couldn't eat any of it, my stomach was upset that day.
There's no limit to the different designs that can be made using half square triangle units. I feel like sewing something right now, but I'm just about ready to go out the door for my vacation. I'll try to get quite a few applique blocks made, then I'll send a pic when I get back.

Nine Patch

I made this for a Christmas gift for somebody in 2009. When I had my fabric store, the suppliers often sent packages of three inch square samples. I saved them all and made several quilts. I would also add my own fabrics along with them. I had a zillion bolts of fabric to work with, but I chose to use the small sample pieces.
Waste not, want not, as the old saying goes, but all those bolts are still sitting there, they will have to get used one of these days.
I'm getting ready to go on vacation on Wednesday. Where I'm going, (to a cabin out in the sticks) there's no computer, no electricity and even my cell phone wouldn't get reception last time I was there. I'm sure other cell phones work out in the middle of nowhere, but mine was being in a snit. The only time I'll be able to get internet access is by using a library computer or the coin operated one I discovered in a laundromat. I'll finally have time to sew, but it'll have to be a hand applique…

Donna's quilt

Donna Madden made the quilt top and I quilted it as a Christmas gift in 2009.
I've been non a non-spending spree since last year, so I've been trying to either make things for gifts with fabric that's from my stash, or else I'm finishing people's quilts for them. I've been working on a queen size quilt that belongs to my sister, but haven't had time to sew for months. Every time I get days off, something comes up and I can't sew. After I finish my vacation, I'm going to make time and finish the quilt.

Lindsay's quilt

I made this quilt with batiks and hand dyes for my daughter Lindsay for Easter 2009. She said that some of the fabric bled and stained the back of it when it was washed.
That's the hazard of using these fabrics, some of them aren't colourfast even if they're prewashed. I'm happy that it's still ok on the front side


This was a Christmas present I made for myself for 2009, but it didn't get finished until 2010. It's made from all batiks and hand dyes, the title is "Cobblestonia".
I still haven't made a label for it even though it's been on my bed for months

Baby Quilt

I was trying to post a picture on the blog all weekend, but my computer at home was in a snit, it would do everything else, but absolutely refused to do pictures. I had to wait until I got to the place where I live when I'm working to use the computer there.
This is a baby quilt I made for a person at work, she said she wanted Mickey Mouse holding balloons. That was rather a tall order, I had to draw the design myself.
I chose to use the old Mickey Mouse with the pie shaped eyes, I don't like the one with round eyes. I made the look of transparency on one of the balloons by adding a third fabric between two of them.
The quilt was just about done when a big glorp of black oil came out of my walking foot when I was machine quilting. I couldn't get the stain out no matter how I tried, so I ended up appliqueing an extra balloon on to cover up the mark.
I know you're not supposed to copy stuff that's licensed, but I didn't sell the item, it was a gift and I onl…

Happiness Is

Several years ago, Canadian Living magazine and the Canadian Quilters Association wanted all the quilting guilds in Canada to each make a quilt with the theme "Happiness Is". I made this quilt as our guild's contribution. The title is
"Happiness is: a Warm Quilt Made by Auntie Alma"
The blocks were hand pieced, I didn't know how to do curved piecing on the machine at that time. The quilt is a tribute to my Aunt Alma who made over 100 quilts in her lifetime and gave them all away. It still amazes me how she did that because she didn't have very much of an income. We all know that quilting is an expensive craft!
All these donation quilts were given to the Shriner's Hospital.

Table Runner

I stole a picture without permission, I hope Susan Getchell won't mind :)
She just finished making this table runner for a July challenge in the Fiberwizards internet group. I don't normally like pink, but the way she put these fabrics together is great, I love it!
Ok, Susan, you can hunt me down and hurt me now, hehe!


This is the picture display that my daughter and I made for the memorial tea for my mom.
After we got home last night, we were thinking of Edna-isms and are planning a quilt to celebrate her life. Fun things like an upsidedown pepper shaker, showering pepper all over food, the a giant THRESH because that's what her sneezes sounded like.
to be continued.........

Rough Road

I've been going down a rough road this past week, my Mom passed away last Wednesday night. I'd like to dedicated this post to her.
Edna Abrahamson June 4, 1925- July 7 2010. May she rest in peace.


When I had my store, there was a set of four seasons fabrics. A lot of people made window type quilts with them to showcase the scenes. My sister, Linda Huntrods made a jacket with the Winter fabric. What a great idea!

Baby Quilt

This was another one of the baby quilts I made to sell during "The Winter of Despair".
It would probably be better to go get a second or third job rsther that try to make money by selling a quilt. There is too much time and work involved in sewing and it pays next to nothing. Lesson learned.

Comfort Quilt

This is kind of a plain jane quilt, but I made it while I was recovering from a broken arm. I heard about a terrible tornado that happened in Texas. A friend of a friend lost her entire house that day, so I thought a comfort quilt would be a good idea for that person. Having time off work gave me lots of time to sew! After I broke my arm, I would get my daughter to hold the ruler and I would rotary cut with my left hand. I was able to feed the squares through the sewing machine with one hand. The entire quilt was made one handed. I packaged it up and mailed it off, later on, i received a nice thank you email from the woman. It's fun to do a random act of quilt giving!

Trees 2

This is one of two quilts I made from tree blocks that I won in a draw at our guild.
This one was given to my good friend, Susan Getchell.
I had a stressful day yesterday, my Mom fell, broke her femur, next to where it connects to the hip and had to get sent away in an ambulance to have surgery. I hope all goes well for her! It's a good thing she had her Lifeline on and was able to call for help when it happened.

Earliest Attempt

This was my very first venture into quiltmaking, about 100 years ago, I made this wall quilt for my niece. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but the design was original!