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Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Quilt

I was trying to post a picture on the blog all weekend, but my computer at home was in a snit, it would do everything else, but absolutely refused to do pictures. I had to wait until I got to the place where I live when I'm working to use the computer there.
This is a baby quilt I made for a person at work, she said she wanted Mickey Mouse holding balloons. That was rather a tall order, I had to draw the design myself.
I chose to use the old Mickey Mouse with the pie shaped eyes, I don't like the one with round eyes. I made the look of transparency on one of the balloons by adding a third fabric between two of them.
The quilt was just about done when a big glorp of black oil came out of my walking foot when I was machine quilting. I couldn't get the stain out no matter how I tried, so I ended up appliqueing an extra balloon on to cover up the mark.
I know you're not supposed to copy stuff that's licensed, but I didn't sell the item, it was a gift and I only made one of them. I don't want the copywrite police to get all huffy about it.
I'll never oil a walking foot again even if it is sticking!

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