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Li'l Twister mat, Ufo #12 completed

I wanted to try the Li'l Twister ruler that I bought from Keepsake Quilting, so I made this little table mat. I used random five inch squares, alternating dark and light.

UFO #11 completed

These placemats were made from a kit from a fabric store in Whitehorse. I don't normally buy kits but I wanted the pattern and the fabrics were nice, so I gave in. The reason I don't use kits is because I don't want projects that look exactly the same as the next person's. Here is the pattern source: Take Four Placemats Pattern by Cary Flanagan Take Four Placemats Pattern by Cary Flanagan is a fat-quarter friendly pattern that is great for beginners. Four fat quarters are all that is needed for the main side of the mat. One yard additional is needed for the backing.

UFO #10 completed

I finally got a chance to get to a place with good internet connection. I completed this quilt a few months ago, now I can post the picture. I can't send pictures from home because my internet is so horrible, slow and expensive. In this day and age, high speed internet should be available everywhere! This is a quilt I made for my friend Brenda to celebrate friendship since 1979. I was wanting to try the 1600 quilt pattern, so I looked up instructions online, then made the quilt a bit longer. I don't like a quilt that's too square if it's going to be used for a TV quilt. That's what I call the size that is used for cuddling up on the couch. I got the idea for the quilting design from the book "Doodle Quilting". It was quilted on my new Babylock Tiara quilting machine with Aurafil thread on the top and Bottom Line thread in the bobbin. I took the pictures outside, there was a slight breeze, which ruffled the edge, the quilt doesn't really …