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Finished Project #8 for 2014

I haven't finished anything for months! Working two jobs sucks the life out of me, the days speed by and I can't get anything done. This is a humble pair of pyjama pants that I just finished, so I'm going to include it in my 2014 goal of finishing 14 things. At this point, it doesn't look like I'm going to meet my goal, so I'm going to include everything and anything I may finish between now and the end of the year! When I had my fabric store, there were many bolts of nice cotton plaid homespun fabric. It wasn't very popular and didn't sell, when the store closed, most of the homespun was left. It's really nice quality fabric, so I've been making pyjama pants out of it for myself and others. Nice to be able to make gifts like that, all the supplies are here and I don't have to go out to shop.