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Twelve Year Old UFO Completed

Twelve years ago I made the blocks for this quilt, the pattern came from a 2004 Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. The name of the pattern was "Winter Garden" by Nancy Rink. It was supposed to have multiple pieced borders but I decided on a single plain border. The pieces sat there until three years ago, then I assembled them into a top. When my sister, Linda H came to visit, we looked at the top and discovered I had made a mistake when I sewed the sashing between the blocks. Linda used a seam ripper and picked out the mistakes for me. The unassembled top sat there for another two years until I got around to correcting the mistake. I layered and pin basted it, then got most of the quilting done, the project sat for several months. Last week I got the thing out and finished the rest of the quilting, the binding was attached yesterday. Like I've said before, I think I must be the slowest quilter in the world. :) I've got a friend in mind that I'm going to give this…

I Finally Finished Something

Formerly known as "Quilt Top #19" is now a completed quilt. This one is for our friend, Jorg who lives in the Yukon. We will give it to him when we are on vacation this summer. I used an assortment of plaids for the back, it still needs a label.

Throwback Thursday; My Feeble Attempt at Painting

I made this butterfly when I was a kid in school. I tried painting different times in my life and never did get good at it. The butterfly was made of Masonite, The teacher cut it out with a saw following my drawn lines. I "beautifully" decorated it and put a stern warning on the back so nobody would run off with it. :)

Throwback Thursday; Beading

When I was twelve, I got a beading loom and made all kinds of things with it. I made several beaded headbands, after all, it was the early Seventies. :) I can't believe the price on the package of beading needles- ten cents! You can't buy anything for ten cents anymore.

Stitching On Sunday

I pin basted Quilt Top #19 yesterday, today I'm starting to quilt it. I couldn't figure out what quilting design to use, in the ditch, diagonal straight lines, no idea was coming to me. Finally, I looked up some quilting videos on You Tube. WhirlsN'Swirls Quilting has hundreds of designs. Tracey Russell from APQS Ontario has generously shared her videos, I highly recommend them. I decided on all-over quilting instead of outlining the shapes of the quilt blocks. In the photo are scissors that I inherited from Mom.