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Vacation Time 2018

It's that time of year again, the trip to the Yukon cabin. I always take a few things along to keep me occupied. I bought this book several months ago, but have been saving it to read now. We also go to the Tagish library and get several books from there. I'll finish knitting the scarf and will do some crocheting. Last year the propane fridge quit working, it was only three years old, but had only been used for three months. They make appliances so crappy these days, nothing lasts. We had to dig a hole in the ground to keep our food in, the Yukon ground is nice and cold.

Crazy Cats By Linda H.

A woman in Linda's quilting group challenged Linda to make something with a piece of "cat eyeballs" fabric. Never one to back down from a challenge, Linda produced this quilt top. The block design came from the pattern "Jazz Cats" which was in a book called the "Cat's Meow" by Janet Kime, published in 1994.