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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback Thursday; When Our Raffle Quilt Was Stolen

In 1995, our guild's raffle quilt was stolen, it was displayed in the front window of a local newspaper office. I sent an article about it to the Canadian Quilters Association publication and they printed it. The name of our guild is "Mountain Magic Quilters' Guild" but the editor of the magazine changed it to "Magic Mountain" for some reason. We never had a clue where the quilt ended up even after all these years. I made a scrapbook that told the story of the stolen quilt and how we had to make a new one to offer as a prize in the raffle. I don't know where the scrapbook is, maybe it's being stored at a guild member's house with the rest of the photo albums. Ever since that theft, we've been very careful to always guard our quilts. The quilt pattern was from a series that Quilters Newsletter Magazine had many years ago.

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