Monday, May 10, 2021

Spring Flowers By Linda H.

Here is a recent finish by Linda, which she named "Spring Flowers". The quilt pattern came from Easy Quilts magazine, Spring 2016. It was called "Day Lily" by Stacy Day. Linda made 12 blocks instead of 9 and reduced the size of block. Many quilt patterns are for square quilts. Quite often, Linda and I rework them to a rectangular shape. If you're going to cover up with a quilt on the couch, you don't want your feet sticking out the end. A large square quilt works well if it's for a queen size bed because the mattresses are so thick these days. Some beds are so high, a step ladder is needed to get up onto them. That won't be happening in my house. If I fall out of bed, I don't want a four-foot drop before crashing onto the floor. Also, a quilt would have to be extremely large in order to cover such a bed. I don't have an inclination to make a quilt the size of a football field. I've rambled on enough. Enjoy Linda's springtime quilt!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Quarantine Village Is Completed

Geo wondered why I would give such an awful name to a quilt. I explained that quilters have often depicted world events in their projects. It's part of history. Many quilters all over the world have been making "shelter in place" quilts the past year. The pattern came from the book "Quick Quilts From Your Scrap Bag", a Leisure Arts publication. It was designed by Bette Haddon. The original pattern didn't have windows in the cabins and I changed some of the trees and the border. The free motion quilting was tedious because I changed thread colour to match each item. There were a billion thread ends to bury by the time it was done. The backing fabric came from Connecting Threads. This quilt will be for the bed in our Yukon cabin.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Blue Mountains By Linda H.

Linda made "Blue Mountains" from a pattern in the book, "The Big Book of Scrappy Quilts". The name of the pattern in the book was "Reflections", designed by Kate Henderson. One of Linda's friends found a lovely, good quality cotton sheet in a thrift shop and thought Linda would like it. The sheet ended up being the backing for this quilt. Linda got carried away and made too many triangle units, so those will go in a future project.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Heading To The Finish Line

There is not too much more to quilt on "Quarantine Village", then it'll be done. It was rather silly of me to use a matching colour of Glide thread for each detail. In the end, the thread won't stand out too much, the quilting will add texture. Why do I make so much work for myself? Groan.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Little House Wall Quilt By Linda H.

Linda just finished stitching the binding on this small wall quilt. She said the tulip blocks had multiple tiny pieces and were quite fiddly to sew. Well worth the effort, it is delightful! This one is going to live in Richard's office.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Old Janome Machine

This Janome machine is now 40 years old, I remember being so excited when I bought it so long ago. We recently purchased a generator, so I'll have some electriciy to sew when we go to our Yukon cabin this summer. I hauled out the trusty old sewing machine to make sure it would be in good working order. The poor old thing was seized up, much to my dismay. I took it apart and oiled every moving thing, even though this particular machine is not supposed to be oiled. Very little movement. Finally, I turned the machine on its side and tried to oil the drive shaft, then flipped it upside down. The shaft was slightly visible from that angle, so I shot some oil down into it. After cleaning up any excess oil, I plugged in the machine and stepped on the pedal. Vroom! Away it went, just like it was brand new. It's not good to let a sewing machine sit around for years without being used. From now on, I'll give each machine a test run every few months.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Table Topper

I discovered a few pinwheel and 16-patch blocks in a drawer last week. A few years ago, I was going to make a quilt with that design, but the project was abandoned. I made some more blocks to go with them so there were enough to make this table topper. There was one pinwheel block left, so I appliqued it on the back to cover up a little pucker. Sometimes it's nice to complete a small project so I feel like I've accomplished something. My "Quarantine Village" quilt has been on the machine for an extended time. My hand goes numb when I'm free motion quilting for too long of a session. It'll get done eventually.

Spring Flowers By Linda H.

Here is a recent finish by Linda, which she named "Spring Flowers". The quilt pattern came from Easy Quilts magazine, Spring 2016....